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Golden Boatlifts and PWC Ports

Expertly Installed

Tornado Lift

An adjustable, free-standing hydraulic, and solar-powered lift that is ideal for seasonal removal applications.  The Tornado® lift is manufactured in 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum and 300 series stainless hardware. This lift uses only eco-friendly, biodegradable hydraulic fluid that is completely 100% water-soluble and meets the strict guidelines of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as non-toxic and environmentally safe. The lift’s bunking system is entirely customizable for v-bottom, pontoon, tri-toon, and sailboats - even Jet Skis!

3K SingleTrack Elevator

This lift boasts a 3,000 lb Single Track Elevator is a popular choice for small vessels such as skiffs, tenders, inflatables, and other small crafts under 17’ long and less than 7’ beam. It can also be a great option for kayaks, inflatables, or as a general swim platform when used with one of our decked platforms. Its small footprint makes it a great choice for narrow slips and tight spaces.

PWC Ports

Apex 6: Easiest and Largest drive on/off Jet Ski port on the market! Designed two feet longer than previous models, this port is transitional between heavier (3-seater jet ski) and smaller boats. The Apex 6 is built with an additional 12 inches in width for more comfort when walking around the jet skis. 

JS-1400: Designed for tight spaces and limited resources, this PWC Port has a 1400lb weight capacity with minimal footprint. Using a stainless steel self-braking manual winch, this PWC Port is light-weight and durable. 

Custom Boat Canopies

A convenient, attractive canopy on your dock and gives you the ability and access to service and maintain your vessel with hassle free convenience. Our canopies are custom measured and affixed to your dock to maximize your square footage while providing your boat the coverage it needs - using light-weight alluminum and a custom-taylored, locally made canopy, you can truly find a match in function and beauty. 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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