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Design Services

Our team will help design your perfect dock to incorporate all the details within the square footage available to you, enhancing your waterfront experience. We listen to how you plan utilize your dock and how you want to make memories.Dock configuration is a big piece of that service. The most common residential dock configurations are shown in the image below and include:

  • Straight Dock

  • "L" Dock (left or right)

  • "F" Dock (left or right)

  • "T" Dock

  • "M" Dock (2-family/2-slip)

  •  "U" Dock (left, right or middle)

  • Double "F" Dock (2-family/2-slip)

  • ...many other possibilities...

  • Planning the finish and accessories for your dock can be equally important.  Whether it is the type of trim package, decking selection or details like solar lighting to guide you home at night, flower planters to enjoy your favorite flowers, a water pump to rinse your boat, or electricity to brew your coffee at sunrise, we can plan for that. Popular design choices include:

  • Built-in coolers/Extra storage

  • Cedar lift boxes

  • Cedar planters

  • Fish cleaning stations

  • Slip webbing

  • Solar lighting

  • Dive Platform or Swing

  • Kayak Racks​​

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