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Cedar Hybrid Docks

Our most popular dock, the cedar hybrid is a combination of the incredibly stable and reliably strong cedar logs and poly floats. Available in many configurations with a variety of choices for decking and trim.  


The cedar hybrid dock typically sit 17"- 20" above the water.

Piers & Pilings

Our pier structures are made of wood, aluminum, or steel and extend into and over the water as a dock or access to your floating dock. Supported by wood or steel pilings, they are great for shallow or fluctuating water depths.

Piers and pier docks vary in length and the height above the water.

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Cedar Log Docks

Sometimes preferred by fish and fisherman alike, the all cedar log dock relies solely upon cedar for flotation. It is strong and solid on the water and available in many configurations, also with a variety of choices for decking and trim.

The cedar log dock typically sits 16" - 20" above the water.

Ramps & Gangways

Ramps and gangways are highly individualized to the property and owner. They are commonly made from wood or aluminum with wood or polypropylene decking panels such as ThruFlow™.  Single, double or no handrail options are available.

The length and support of the ramp/gangway varies by site.

Floating Cedar Docks

Built for You...  Built to Last... Built for Memories

Your hand-crafted cedar dock comes with reliably sourced cedar logs to ensure a long-lasting, strong and beautiful dock for your waterfront property.

The primary difference between a hybrid dock and all cedar dock is flotation. The all cedar dock relies solely upon cedar logs for its flotation. Our sub-system is made up of thick fir & larch timbers. Our stringer system is 16" to 24" on-center, providing you a sturdy and solid surface to enjoy for many years. We use Premium cedar decking for its' lightweight and naturally rot resistant properties and pride ourselves on creating a dock that sits level in the water and take meticulous care to ensure this outcome.

Included in your dock package:

  • Site assessment & consultation

  • Premium cedar decking

  • Trim package, including rub rail and corner bumpers

  • Fascia

  • Galvanized boat cleats

  • Delivery and fastening to your anchoring system

Upgrade items:

  • Decking upgrades Trex™, MoistureShield™, or other synthetic decking

  • Built-in coolers

  • Cedar planters

  • Fish cleaning stations

  • Solar and non-solar lights

  • ...and MORE! Please see our Accessories Page

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