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Dock Storage.png
In-Dock Storage

If you would love a place to store extra bumpers, life jackets and ropes without using valuable topside dock space, take advantage of in-dock storage. 

This is made possible in sub-system cavities which we utilize during the construction of your new dock. 

Built-in Yeti Cooler.jpg
Built-in Cooler

This photo displays the built-in cedar door for a Yeti cooler (or cooler of your choice).


It also provided access for an underwater LED fishing light.

A unique touch was added with an epoxy inlay of the lake where this dock sits.

Cedar Planters with Solar Lights.jpg
Planter & Light Post

These cedar planters hold up well to the weather year after year and provide a place for your dock plants in addition to providing subtle lighting from the solar light on the post.

Built to your specifications and fastened to your dock in the location you choose. Removable at season end.

Dock Life.png
Compact Cooler

This dock mounted cooler measures 12" x 16" and is 12" tall. 

The cooler holds ice and 6-8 canned or bottled beverages.

The top is carved "Dock Life" with two cup holders able to accommodate a wide based coffee mug for those mornings on the dock!

Underwater Loudspeaker AQ339.png
Underwater Speaker

Fully waterproof underwater speakers have a directional sound of 20 feet out and 10 feet to each side.

We offer fully encased electricity in your new dock to accommodate plug-ins, USB and battery charging, even built-in sound systems, 

Dock glolight.jpg
Fishing Lights

Great for attracting fish under your dock.


Fully waterproof, high quality underwater fishing lights.

High output LED, virtually unbreakable and made to last. They are easy to use and very effective.


Comes with a 50' cord and your choice of green or blue light.

Flexible Conduit.jpg
Dock Electricity

We offer flexible conduit run through your stringer/sub-system to fully encase wire runs to provide electricity to your dock. 


This will accommodate plug-ins, fishing lights, USB and battery charging, even built-in sound systems, 

Scoped and Installed by a licensed electrician.

Cedar Lift Box.jpg
Cedar Battery Box

This dock mounted cedar battery box holds your boat lift battery up off the dock keeping water out and providing you easy access into your box without bending over.

Made to fit your specific battery box dimensions. 

Fastened to the dock with screws and removable at season end.

Built for You... Built to Last... Built for Memories

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