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Dock Repair

Built for You...  Built to Last... Built for Memories

We are lucky to live and play in the Pacific Northwest and specifically, Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas that have true four seasons. We enjoy beautiful warm summers, pleasant, colorful spring and fall and crisp snowy winters.

While most docks are built to last many years, exposure to the forces of nature, waves, storms, wind, rain, snow, and ice, the elements associated with water will take their toll on dock structures.  Join these forces with regular wear and tear, and docks will often need to be repaired.

Whether it is piling, ramp or gangway replacement, pier work or full restoration of stringers, sub-system, decking and trim, we do it all.

Our process begins with an assessment of the repairs needed and, depending on the type of project, this may involve looking below your decking to determine the viability of your flotation and stringer system. We then  make recommendations along with a budgetary and timeline estimates for your project.

Repairs are performed onsite and we strive to get work done timely so you can continue to enjoy your waterfront haven. 

If you have damage to your dock structures, or have been planning a repair project, call or email us today for your free estimate 208-691-4161 | .

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